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Unlike fossil fuels, which cause high sulfur content and carbon dioxide emissions, wood pellets are the least harmful fuel type to the environment.
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Arjin is a corporate company that meets the increasing demand by offering the best quality products to its biomass pellet fuel customers. Arjin is a strongly growing company thanks to our development policies and the expansion of our distribution network. We produce pellets from 6 mm 100% natural pine sawdust packed in 20-15 kg bags or big bags according to customer needs. We have a sustainable and strong sales and supply network throughout Turkey in order to better meet our customer’s needs and provide a full service.

10+ Years of Experience

100% Natural Pine Pellet, which is a type of cultivation obtained from the recycling process, including the product related to the sector, in continuous improvement.

Certificates of Conformity

Tubitak approved production and conformity certificates.

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Fast delivery to 15 European countries.


Respect for people, Respect for the Environment, Heritage for the Future...

Unlike fossil fuels, which cause high sulfur content and carbon dioxide emissions, wood pellets are the least harmful fuel type to the environment.

Pellet Fuel

Wood chips and pellets made from wood chips make an excellent quality fuel.

Pellet Stoves

Thanks to its high energy performance, it offers efficient and high heating.


Advantages of Pellet

Pellet is the name given to the form formed by drying and grinding all kinds of industrial and agricultural wastes and compressing them under high pressure. Pellet raw material; In general, materials such as wood, wood, sawdust, chips, bark, branches and similar forest wastes, wood chips, sawdust, and wedges are used.
  • 100% Natural

    Wood Pellet contains about 8-12% moisture. Since the moisture rate is low, its calorie is higher than firewood. Calorie value: 5000kcal/kg Wood Pellet is a clean, carbon dioxide-free, useful fuel type. It is produced from sawdust and wood chips compressed under high pressure without using 100% natural and no chemical additives.

  • Wide range of uses

    In all products containing solid fuel area used as heating system; It can be used in products such as Stoves, Fireplaces, Heating Boilers, Pellet Stoves.

  • High Efficiency

    Burning time is longer than wood. Its efficiency is high. 90% (Efficiency of coal 65%) The air requirement is 20% of the coal. Ash Ratio Max. It's six thousandths. It does not form slag. It does not clog the chimneys and does not bind soot.

1 kg of pellet has an energy value of approximately 4500-5000 kcal/kg, that is, approximately 5 kW. In other words, 1 ton pellet is worth 450-500 lt fuel-oil.

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